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A beaded stretchable bracelet

I went to a welcome party lasts night. One of my friends just came back from her vacation from the Philippines. She stayed there for six months. How sweet, lucky her? It was a fun-filled and wild party. She is very funny and we surely missed her so bad. She gave us girls and our families’ goodies from the Philippines. I got this colorful beaded stretchable bracelet which I like. I cannot wait to wear especially with a dress or a short in the summer. Ms. D thank you for a wonderful party lasts night. I am linking this entry to Crazy over Purple . Thank you Sis Bambie for hosting it. I also join this Colorful Weekend .

How I wish I could wear this sexy lingerie that my husband gave me

It was a birthday gift from my husband. It is very sexy lingerie. I like it but how I wish I still have the body to show it to him. I could probably wear it when we first met. Back then I do not have a gut yet. I am still lucky that my stomach is stretch marks free beside giving birth normally to two kids. I could not show the picture of the lingerie because it is very sexy. I do not know what he thinks with that gift. Men loves fantasy but too bad I also have my monthly period. Maybe it will give me a New Year’s resolution to lose some weight but I doubt it.

A beautiful cake for the gathering

I have a small group of Filipino friends that I considered my best girl friends. Our kids grew up together. Most of our kids were friends when they were babies. We celebrated a Christmas party just for our group. Ms. J brought this beautiful delicious cake. It completes our celebration lasts week. I wish that our group will stay remains and will stay stronger for the year 2012. I am linking this entry to Yummy Sunday .