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Beautiful crochet of scarf and beanie sets

I am very thankful that Mommy Jess made this beautiful scarf and beanie sets for my little girl. The beautiful flower is removable too. She also gives me extra sets of clip, and they are beautiful too. My little girl was not feeling well on this picture. I just want to try on her, make sure it fits on her perfectly fine. She makes crochet of your choice. My little girl loves these sets and that she wants more colors too. This would make a beautiful gift too. You can check it here to see her beautiful crochet. You can ask for a quote from her Website too. This is not a paid post; just want to share how happy I am with her works. The sets are perfect for fall and winter. I am linking this entry to Pink Fridays.

Purple dress given by her Aunt

My little K received this beautiful purple dress on her 4th birthday. It did not fit on her. When she was four years, she wears size five already. I have no clue why her Aunt (my sister-in-law) gave her the size four. I usually give clothes the next size every time I give a gift. I think she thought that it will fit on her niece. I do not know what to do with this dress. I cannot send it to my nieces overseas as it is a long sleeve dress. I think I will sell it on EBay. What do you think? Do you have any purple to share? You can join us here. I am linking this entry to Crazy Over Purple Saturdays.

Thank you Ms. D for this white pearl necklace

The kids got something from Ms. D a souvenir from the Philippines. The little girls including K got a white pearl fashion necklace. Thank you Ms. D that is too sweet of you. My little girl likes this necklace. She likes fashion and any girly stuff. She even wears this necklace whiles sleeping. I know what a stinky girl she is. I cannot wait at her to wear this necklace with a dress. I do not mind my little girl wearing this jewelry. This is perfect to wear at church too. Does your little girl likes jewelry? What is her favorite jewelry to wear? I am linking this entry to Me & My Passion #10 of blog photo challenge.