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Playing with Mommy’s lipstick

She was two months shy of three years old in this picture. What a silly girl for snatching Mommy’s lipstick. I guess the little girl need to retouch. She stills does not have her own lipstick though she is five years old now. I just do not want her to expose cosmetics at a young age. What about you? Do you allow putting lipstick or any make-up on your little girl? I want her to have a natural beauty whiles she is very young. Time will come that she is ready to use cosmetics. I am linking this entry to Me & My Passion #15 of 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

Ginger in her red coat

Nope! This is not our dog. This is my sister-in-law’s puppy named Ginger. She is so adorable. I have not seen her only in the pictures. This puppy is so cute yet you have to take care of her like a real baby. She has to go to pet saloon for a hair cut as her hair grows fast. I do not how my sister-in-law coped with us. Oh! The price of having a pet is no fun at all. She is a dog lover though. Do you have a pet? My little girl is allergic to pets and too bad that we cannot have a pet in the house. Well, I guess we just have to adore Ginger. I am linking this to Red Hot Thursdays .

Thank you Ms. D for this white pearl necklace

The kids got something from Ms. D a souvenir from the Philippines. The little girls including K got a white pearl fashion necklace. Thank you Ms. D that is too sweet of you. My little girl likes this necklace. She likes fashion and any girly stuff. She even wears this necklace whiles sleeping. I know what a stinky girl she is. I cannot wait at her to wear this necklace with a dress. I do not mind my little girl wearing this jewelry. This is perfect to wear at church too. Does your little girl likes jewelry? What is her favorite jewelry to wear? I am linking this entry to Me & My Passion #10 of blog photo challenge.