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Ruby in pink gown



Does your kid likes to watch Max and Ruby on TV? Then you know what Ruby is I am talking about, right? My kids like to watch Max and Ruby on our kids in demand channel. It is part of Nick’s TV program. This is one of their favorite shows to watch together. Usually, it is the little girl who watches it. Yesterday, we watched Max and Ruby Live at the theater. Ruby is wearing this beautiful pink gown. She has many choices of colors of gown to pick from. I am thankful that she picked pink indeed. It is perfect for Pink Fridays; that is why I am linking it. I am also linking this to #76 of #366 Blog Photo Challenge.

My little girl needs athletic shoes

She has the two athletic shoes that she alternate to wear for school. Those shoes are almost tight on her. She needs a bigger size. I always forget to buy her new pair every time I go to the mall. I like the one that has the velcro strap. She does not need to tie the shoe laces. She is learning to tie the shoe laces. It will take her to tie the shoe laces. She needs a size 12. She has a one size 13 sketcher but it is a little big on her. We will keep that for now. Do you know the store to shop for little girl’s athletic shoes? Where do you buy your kid shoes?

Ready for Easter dinner

This was Easter of 2005. My son was only two (2) years old here. I cannot believe how much he had grown. He is now nine (9) years old. The father and son are both ready to visit his Aunt for Easter dinner. I just love his suit here. I think he looks so adorable. What do you think? He even sticks his tongue out. He was very playful since then. He loves to wear casual clothes which I am happy about. Are you going somewhere for Easter? I am not sure what our plans are for Easter yet. I hope my husband is not working. Registered & Protected