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My beauty routine products

Photobucket These are the products that I used while I was in the Philippines. There is a cream, sunscreen, night cream and anti-aging products to keep my face so clean. I am very happy with the result. I want to say thank you to my dearest friend for recommending me with the dermatologist. It was worth a penny. My face is so clean and free of any blemishes. I do not use the ointment anymore. The sunscreen is very important. The night cream is to apply before I go to bed. The other cream is once for a week. I am linking this entry to 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

I won nail polish and lip gloss from a giveaway contest

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Mommy Genny is the host of the giveaway. This was my second time winning from her giveaway. The first time was from Christmas and now from lasts month. I won a set of scented candy flavors nail polish and a lip gloss. She shipped it faster too. Thank you Mommy Genny, do appreciate it. I give the nail polish to my little girl because she likes her nails being polish. She likes all the girly stuff. She is partner with her Daddy in terms of beauty stuff. These are their pictures. Aren’t they adorable? Do you like to join a giveaway? The mechanics are easy to follow. It is either you like their Facebook page or follows their Twitter. I hope that you will join next time. You never know you are one lucky winner. I am linking this entry to Ruby Tuesday 2.


How to keep our face beautifully

A woman tends to have a beautiful face when they are young. We use different beauty products to keep our face beautifully. As we grew older, we see the changes of our face. Sometimes we cover our flaws with the beauty products that we use. We cover it with heavy make-up or any cosmetics. Yet still the flaws are still visible. We cannot do anything about it physically. We needed that magic especially if you are going for a vacation.

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