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How to protect your designer clothes from dishonest workers

I know it is not easy being a designer as a job. It involves hard work especially if you are also the owner of the company too. I am sure it takes suffering, hard work and courage to get where you are now. Do you have a big fashion establishment that is so famous? You need the fidelity bond insurance to protect your designer clothes from dishonest workers or stealers. I see it on TV that even celebrities stealclothing or jewelry. It is not a great thing to watch that all your effort by creating that beautiful outfit is gone is a minute. You deserve to protect your pride and joy and from any thief. Do not take chances, please check out this Website to learn more for your safety and your work.

Free shirts

I am so thankful to people (you know who you are) for helping me with my journal online. I love writing the journal. It gives me time to express my thoughts and opinions in everything. One thing I love about writing a journal is? It gives you a chance to receive free products. This week I received two shirts for my kids for free.


I try it to my little girl and it is way too big for her. I can wear it to myself. I also love writing a journal because it helps me earn and share it to my family here and in the Philippines. What about you? What do you like about writing journal online?

How I wish I can buy this Eva shorts from Victoria’s Secret


I love this Eva shorts from Victoria’s Secret. I love the panel that is on the waist. It is perfect to hide my bulge in the stomach. I love the white color.


How I wish if I have enough money. I will definitely buy all the colors. It is getting warm here in Western New York. All my shorts lasts year are getting small on me. I guess somebody is getting fat. I need also to buy new shorts for my trip too. It is too warm to wear jeans. Who cares if I have many scars, right? The thing is? You have to wear comfortable clothes that fit for the weather. Do you like to wear shorts too? What kind is your favorite? I am linking this to Wednesday Whites.