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It has been awhile since the last time I wear a mini skirt

I bought this mini skirt from Aeropostale last winter when it was on sale. I bought it for $5.99. It is a size eight (8) yet it keeps on falling off. My hubby always tease me that I do not have a hip. I need to wear a belt to keep it from going down.


wearing mini skirt for awhile

wearing mini skirt for awhile

I usually wear a sweat pants but yesterday was sunny. I feel very warm with sweat pants on. I remember I bought a mini skirt. Yesterday was the perfect day to wear it. It has been awhile since the last time I wear a mini skirt.

Please do not bother to look. I am way too fat though. I like to wear mini skirt but only at home. It is too risky to wear it anywhere but in our house. How about you? Do you like to wear mini skirt too?

Wear sweats or sneakers PARP Spirit Week

PARP stands for Parents As Reading Partners which the little K’s school is having. The school spirit week last week was fun. This week is called the PARP Spirit Week. The Wednesday theme is you can wear sweats or sneakers.

Wednesday's PARP Spirit Week's theme is wear sweats

I put these pink sweat pants that matches her pink jacket. She always bring sneakers with her at school. The sneaker is in her backpack inside. She is wearing boots as it is snowing outside. She wears her sneakers when she is inside her classroom.

I think she looks pretty in her sweat outfits. What do you think. I also put a ponytail on her bangs so her small face will show. I am sure that she will take off the pony tail when she gets home. She does not like anything to do with her hair.

Bought a white lace dress for a birthday girl

My little K is invited to attend a birthday party for a little girl. The birthday party is tomorrow afternoon. The birthday celebrant turns eight years old today. I went to Bon-ton and look for a birthday gift for the celebrant. I looked in the clearance section.

 photo whitelacedress.jpg
I found this beautiful white sleeveless lace dress. The original price is $52 but it sale for $38.99. There is also a 50% off at the register. I paid $19.50 for the dress. I think it is not a bad price.

 photo whitelacedressA.jpg

I also bought the same dress for my little K. I cannot resist how beautiful the dress is. You know me I love my little girl to wear dress. I hope that dress will fit to the birthday girl. It is a size M. By the way, the mother of the birthday celebrant lives in my home town as well. We also speak the same dialect. The birthday celebrant is only seven months older than my little girl.