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I cannot wait to find out my secret rewards from Victoria’s Secret

I have the four secret reward cards from Victoria’s Secret. I got these when I ordered my swimsuits with coupon codes that I used. I cannot wait to find out how much is my secret reward cards, I guarantee I have $10 each from the secret reward cards.

 photo victorias secret secret rewards_zps0cgoioyx.jpg

I had $50 and $100 secret rewards last year. I would be delighted if I have a $500 worth of products to buy I can dream, right? I love Victoria’s Secret products especially the intimates. I also received free coupons from them too.

My pink secret reward cards are perfect to join Pink Fridays . How about you? Do you like to shop at Victoria’s Secret?

My summer babe’s new outfit she received on her 8th birthday

Almost a month ago we celebrated our summer babe’s 8th birthday. She was very happy that most of her friends celebrated her pool birthday party. She also received many gifts from my friends. She received toys, gift cards, bracelet and crafts. I love that outfits that I gave for her. I know that she does not like to receive clothes. She needs new outfits when she goes to third grade.


new outfit for my summer babe

new outfit for my summer babe

These are her new outfits. I gave her three sets of short, skort and shirts. She also receive a long dress and tights that she can wear it when we go to church in chilly days. She already wear the short, skorts and shirts in school but not the dress and tights.

How about you? Do you buy your little girl outfits on her birthday too?

My recent Victoria’s Secret coupons

I do not know when exactly this came in the mail. I think it was a week ago. There are two Victoria’s Secret coupons came in the mail. I love receiving them in every month. The coupons vary each month as well.


My recent Victoria's Secret coupons

My recent Victoria’s Secret coupons

My recent Victoria’s Secret coupons are one $10 off if you use your Angel card (the credit card I have from Victoria’s Secret) with a $30 purchase. You only charge for $20 instead of $30. You can use the coupon now and until the 26th of this month. The other Victoria’s Secret coupon is a free VS beach towel if you order $75 worth of purchase. The towel is available from the 13th to 18th of this month.

I am not sure if I will use these coupons. I do not like them to expire. I already have a beach towel from last year. I still owe few bucks in my Angel card. I do not know if I will need these coupons.

Do you want them? I could send them to you in the mail.