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Jennifer Hudson showing off her new body

I am amazed how sexy she is. She was heavy when she was in American Idol. She is now an endorser of a weight loss program. I love her voice too. She looks so pretty in this metallic mini dress and sparkling platform heels. This was at a music awards. She is such an inspiration especially for gig obese people. Do you like her? Did you her at American Idol? Did you voted for her to while she was in that show?

My style icon is Jennifer Lopez

I really like Jennifer Lopez. She is beautiful, dark-skinned and has beautiful booty. She has a gorgeous body. She is also one of my favorite singers too. I am lucky that I have the booty too. I do not have the problem showing it off especially if I wear jeans. I am sad that she has a marital problem. I am so sorry for the kids. She has twins’ gorgeous kids. What about you? Who is your favorite style icon? Do you like Jennifer Lopez too?

I still need to learn how to apply the cosmetics

I grew up in a conservative family. I have the three sisters with me. The girls have different skin complexions. My two sisters have a fair complexion whiles I and my oldest sister has a dark-skinned. They say having a dark skin is beautiful. I think I believe it too.

Beauty comes in the eye of the beholder. I know I am beautiful in my own way. My husband likes it when I use cosmetics on my face. He said that I look beautiful. I know I am trying to learn how to use it. I spent many times looking myself in the mirror when I put some make-up on my face. It is hard to look at yourself differently with the make-up. I love to wear lipstick and that is about it. I have the collection but I do not use it. I should use it more often especially holidays are coming. My friends are having parties and I should learn how to make myself more beautiful. Registered & Protected