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Go away virus

My kids are catching cold since they go to school. It is always like this. I do not like to see them have the runny nose. What do you as a parents, to make them feel comfortable while in school. Do you give them medicine? I try to apply Vick’s on their chest. My son is always get sick first. I do not because he is a premature or his immune system is weak.

My husband bought new boots

I am glad that he buys a new boots for work. He really needs a new boots. He looks more handsome in his new boots. He deserves the best expensive boots. He seldom pampers himself. He works hard. He takes care of the family first than himself.

Wearing wrong size of bra

I am glad that I went to Victoria’s Secret store to redeem my coupon. I have a free underwear coupon which I loved. I have also a $10 off a pink bra. I have a thinking that I wear a wrong size of bra and I was right. All along I wear a wrong size of bra. I had a bra fitting in the store. Finally, I can now wear the right size of bra.