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Wearing wrong size of bra

I am glad that I went to Victoria’s Secret store to redeem my coupon. I have a free underwear coupon which I loved. I have also a $10 off a pink bra. I have a thinking that I wear a wrong size of bra and I was right. All along I wear a wrong size of bra. I had a bra fitting in the store. Finally, I can now wear the right size of bra.

I treat myself for a Sketcher Shoes


I save a little money from my journal blessings. For the first time, I treat myself for a Sketchers shoes. I have the two Sketchers shoe but they are too small on me. This time I buy a bigger size. I am happy too that I save 30% off from the regular prize plus the free shipping. I also use my mileage for extra points. I am very excited to receive the shoes. I cannot wait.