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Allergies are starting to disappear

My daughter has a dairy allergies. Yesterday she helped her Mommy to bake some cookies. According to the package, there is milk on the ingredients. Fortunately, she did not have a rush after we eat the cookies. We also use one butter bar which she is allergic too. I hope that her allergies will gone forever. I hope she will enjoy the food as much as we do.

The school nurse called me

I was very surprised when the nurse called me yesterday. I thought something happened to my kids. She called because she was looking for my daughter’s medicine. She said she did not get it. I told her, yes! I brought it with us on the enrollment. I am glad tha she found it but there was no name. My daughter has allergy that is why the nurse is very strict for her food.

Bought a sports coat

My husband bought a sports coat lasts week at the mall. He really needed it to buy one. We have to attend his parent’s wedding anniversary. Everybody wants to look formal. He looks good on his new sports coat. We bought it on Macy, the store just for men’s need.