The best and comfy clogs you could wear at Sandgrens

I love to wear sandals. It is very comfortable to wear especially that summer is here. You could pair it with a dress, shorts or pants. You will look so casual in any of those outfits.

 photo Sandgrensclogs.jpg

Recently, I was given an opportunity to try this beautiful clogs from Sandgrens. It is made from Sweden. It is hand-made too. You do not need to travel to Sweden to buy one of their beautiful wooden products. They are having a mid-summer sale on their Website now. You can buy the clogs for just $49. What are you waiting for? You do not want to missed this biggest sale.

 photo sandgrensclogsC.jpg

What I love about my new clogs? I love that is hand-made. I love that is wooden products which help and saves the environment. I love the color that I picked. There are many colors available in their Website too. I love the design. The straps are adjustable for perfect fit. Nothing beats the comfy when I wear this clogs. I love their packaging too. They wrapped your clogs or any footwear with care. You can see in one of my pictures. The shipping is incredibly fast. Their customer service is the friendliest you could ever want.

 photo sandgrensclogsD.jpg

You can also liked their Facebook. You can follow them in Twitter. You can also follow them in Pinterest. I followed all their social medias so I will not miss any sales and updates. They have the footwear for both men and women. I am sure that you could find the comfortable and stylish footwear you want to wear.

 photo sandgrensclogsD-1.jpg

I received the products for free but am not compensated. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% mine and may differ from others. Regardless, I only share products that I love and want my readers to try it too.

30 thoughts on “The best and comfy clogs you could wear at Sandgrens

  1. Wanderer Juan

    Those clogs look stylish and comfortable. I think you enjoyed them very much not just because you got them for free but also because they are comfy hehe 😀

  2. Rcel

    Sandals are a must-wear for me, too, especially now that it is summer! That looks like a very solid and sturdy kind of footwear, Momi Jess! I will check out the site to see for more styles and designs. I want one in red! 😀

  3. Bless

    Wow, that is a very stylish clogs indeed. Somehow I am thinking it must be a bit heavy, but as you said it is comfy and really durable. I want one 🙂

  4. Rcel

    Momi Jess, I have an Uncle who used to make clogs made of woods. It used to be a very “in-demand” business. Not anymore with the advent of modern shoe styles and brands. I bet this is one good quality considering that it is hand-made. How crafty!

  5. Emma

    Looks great on you momi Jess! I just have one problem with wooden clogs though, they hurt when you walk with them long. Are these one comfy? 🙂 .. I love its color!


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