She loves to wear her Mommies sandal

This is my little girl who loves to wear my sandal. I guess she is in the stage where she wants to explore and curiosity strikes in her mind. I do not mind her wearing my sandal. I used to that with my Mama’s sandal too when I was a little girl. I think this is her favorite sandal to wear. I have few pairs but always this sandal is the one she is always wearing.

wearing her Mommies sandal

I think she likes the sound of the sandal when she wears it. I just have to remind her to be careful and not to run in the driveway. I do not want her to tip over and hurt herself while wearing my sandal. She has been so good usually. There is no accident so far which is a really good thing.

I just wish that we live in the Philippines. I am sure that her gay cousin will teach her how to pose and do the modeling. This little girl of mine is very shy. There is no way she can join the modeling but only destroying her Mommies sandal for now.

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5 thoughts on “She loves to wear her Mommies sandal

  1. Bless

    Mommy Jess long before you know it she can literally fit your shoes 🙂 Maybe when she’s a little bit older she can overcome her shyness mami.

  2. Mel Cole

    very cute model 🙂 I remember wearing Mama’s sandals when I was a kid too. I guess it’s time for your D to wear short heeled sandals na mommy Jess.

  3. Rcel

    Momi Jess, I think all girls are like that, loves to arbor what Mommy has! Triz does the same here! 😀 I noticed K has a big toe. Hapit na magkasya imong sandals sa iyaha. 🙂

  4. emzkie

    your photo reminds me of my nieces at home mommy Jess. ing ana pud sila ganahan mag suot ug mga sapatos. mga high heels pud ra bya ang ginasuot kay ang akong sister naa may gibilin na daghan kaau na sapatos nga mga heels. maoy gina suot nila pag mag dress up sila. lol


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