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Bought a new Victoria’s Secret purse

I love the small kind of purse. I do not like the big purse. A small purse is perfect for my wallet, cell phone and camera inside. My old Tommy Hilfiger green purse needs a new replacement.

 photo s-l140_zpsee6eb625.jpg

I was searching purses on Ebay. I found this black purse. It is from Victoria’s Secret which is my favorite brand. I bought it that day. The total cost is $5.70 which includes shipping.

I cannot wait to receive it. I really needed this new purse before my movie date with my hubby on the 12th of February. I am sure that before our date, this purse will arrive.

How about you? Do you prefer small or big purses?

My favorite brown purse

This is my second time to enjoy the Thursday Brownies. My entry for this week is my favorite brown Tommy Hilfiger purse. I have many purses in the closet but this one is my favorite, why? It is because it is small. It is perfect for me. I like small purse and this one really suits me. I won this on EBay few months ago.