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Ordered a Hello Kitty snow boots for my little girl

I remember when I was a little girl, I also love Hello Kitty. I remember I have a Hello Kitty school bag and Hello Kitty shoes. Now it is my little girls turn.

Hello Kitty snow boots

My little K loves anything that has Hello Kitty. She also needs snow boots for school and for the winter. I searched on eBay for Hello Kitty and snow boots. I am very lucky that I found one that is her size. I bought this Hello Kitty boots buy it now. It cost $15 plus includes shipping. The seller said that is excellent in condition. She is not sure if her daughter wears the boots. I think the boots are new and never wear before. I am happy with my transaction on eBay. I cannot wait for my little K to wear this Hello Kitty for school and when she plays in the snow.

Hello Kitty snow boots

How about your little girl? Is she ready for the winter? Does she have snow boots to wear? You should search on eBay too. You can find affordable footwear or anything on eBay.

My favorite brown purse

This is my second time to enjoy the Thursday Brownies. My entry for this week is my favorite brown Tommy Hilfiger purse. I have many purses in the closet but this one is my favorite, why? It is because it is small. It is perfect for me. I like small purse and this one really suits me. I won this on EBay few months ago.