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Finally she wear her Christmas sweater dress

I bought this sweater dress for my Summer Babe so she can wear it during Christmas. Finally she wear it three days before Christmas. She does not like to wear dress anymore.

 photo Christmas sweater dress_zps2myue14r.jpg
We both went to see Santa Claus at the park so she can drop her Christmas wish list so as her brother. She even can talk to Santa Claus about her Christmas wish. She also can have photos of next to Santa. I am so glad she wear it. This Mama is very happy.

How about you? Does your little girl likes to wear dress?

How to dress warm during the winter

I am glad that my summer babe goes to Sunday school now. She is eight years old. I know that soon she will receive her first communion. I hope next year. We started to go back to church. It has been few weeks now.

 photo sweaterdress_zps092cf93a.jpg

It is bone chilling cold in New Year. It is still autumn yet it feels like winter already. We have to dress warm when we go to church. I love to wear dress especially going to church. One way to keep me warm while hearing mass is wearing this sweater dress. I want to buy more sweater dress. This is the only long sleeve sweater dress I have. Some of my sweater dress has a short sleeve.

 photo sweaterdressA_zps67a2a6b9.jpg

My summer babe took pictures of me after hearing church couple weeks ago. She is my little photographer. She took many pictures. These are some of my favorite shots of myself.

My Christmas sweater dress arrived in the mail

This is the sweater dress that I will wear. The model is wearing heather gray but mine is red. It has the same style, the only difference is the color. I am happy that it came before Saturday. I have something to wear now for the Filipino-American Christmas party. What I love about this red dress is the way it curves to your body. It can hide your flaws too. As for me it is my tummy. All I need is to find a belt that goes with it. I love to wear dress. I know it is cold here in NY but there is dress that matches with the season too. What about you? Do you like to wear a dress in a party?