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My Victoria’s Secret order delivered today

I was having my lunch when the door bell ring. I checked the door and it was the UPS delivery guy. I knew my Victoria’s Secret order will arrive today as I checked the tracking number. I was in hurry finishing my lunch. I opened my package and there it is. It came with a pink bra, free pink tote bag, a free magazine and a gift secret card that comes with every order. You cannot know the amount until next month. I am sure it is $10 which is great. I spent $26.51 that includes the tax and the shipping. The bra is only $19.50 and pink tote is free because I have a coupon code. I told you I love Victoria’s Secret if I have a coupon because I know I can save money. I will wear the pink bra and the tote bag is for my niece. She has to wait when I get their in the Philippines. I am linking this entry for Wednesday White. I am wondering what are whites that my online friends are sharing to me.

Baby Aspirin will prevent you from having heart attack

I was watching Dr. Oz show on TV yesterday. The show features about quick fix for healthy you. I learned that Baby Aspirin will prevent you from having heart attack. I know one of my friends told me about this. I did not believe her at first. Now that I saw it from Dr. Oz show, I will start taking the medicine. Recently my Mom has a heart problem. It worries me because I am half around the world far from her. I will buy her many bottles of Baby Aspirin and will include it in my box that I will send her soon. My father-in-law also takes Baby Aspirin for along time now. What about you, do you take Baby Aspirin? My husband also takes Aspirin but not the Baby Aspirin.