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Coco Jumbo brown boots for my son

I bought a pair of Coco Jumbo brown boots for my son few days ago. It cost $9 for the set. I bought it at Totsy. You can sign up here in my account if you want. I do appreciate it. What it is? This is a private website that sells boutique clothes and anything for a low price. Unfortunately, it is only available in the USA. The shipping is free on every first order. How sweet is that? The items sell fast as it is very cheap. This is my 3rd order already from them. The shoes quality is superb. This is not a paid post but just sharing the deals I received. I link this entry to Thursday Brownies. I cannot wait to check at my online friends’ Thursday Brownies entry for me to comment.

My son got a new hair cut

He got his new hair cut lasts Saturday. It is about time to cut his hair. He has a very thick hair. I love it when he gets a new hair cut. He looks handsome. You can argue with me on that. It does not matter. I know that my husband does not like his hair. It looks well on the picture. When you look closer especially on the back, there are high spots so he will trim it by himself. He is wearing a brown sweater which is perfect for Thursday Brownies. I cannot wait what my online friends brown entries to check.