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My very first time to shop At Fashion Outlet Mall In Niagara Falls

My Filipino co-worker always invited me to shop at Fashion Outlet Mall in Niagara Falls. She keeps on saying that it is very easy to drive all the way there. I have not visited that mall not even once. She told me that prices are so affordable compared to any malls.

 photo fashion outlet mall_zps0a6ptjzm.jpg
One day lasts week when we both were off from work, I told her that we are going to the mall. Indeed! It is very easy to drive to get there. Though is kind far but the driving is not bad. It only turned once and the mall is there.

I cannot believe how the prices are very affordable. There are many stores to visit. My daughter is with us too because she loves shopping. I am so glad that Victoria’s Secret is in that mall. We shop around and found some amazing deals. I shopped at Aeropostale. Nine West, Gap and my daughter bought something from Claire’s. I need to be back by myself and explore that mall by myself especially that I am heading Christmas vacation in the Philippines.

Bought a plum Gap dress for my little girl

I do not normally shop at Gap for my kids clothing. There are times that I stop by inside the Gap store just to check out. I found their clothing very expensive. I check out the Gap store one day as they have a sale outside. They are having 40% for your entire purchases.

plum Gap dress

I always check out the sale or clearance section every time I shop to any store. I am looking for a winter coat for my son. I bought many clothing for my kids that day and it includes this dress for my little girl. I found it in the clearance section.

plum Gap dress
The original price is $39.95 but it is sale for $12.97. The dress went down to $7.78 after the 40% discount. I was very happy with that price you know.

plum Gap dress

The dress is a plum in color. It has short sleeve. It has a removable belt.

plum Gap dress
It has the zipper on the back. I am glad that the dress is in size M or for eight year old little girl. My little K is seven years old. The dress is perfect for her.

plum Gap dress
I let her tried the dress when I got home that day. I need to clip her bangs and found a yellow clip. I know it does not match her dress. I just want to see how the dress looks and fits on her. I am glad that it fits her real well. What do you think? Does she look pretty or not?