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My Summer Babe’s First Communion outfit

It was six days ago when my Summer Babe had her first communion. This was her outfit that she wore that very memorable day.

My Summer Babe's First Communion outfit.

My Summer Babe’s First Communion outfit.

I bought this white beautiful dress at TJ Maxx for $12 as it is on clearance. I bought her white shoes at Sears by the mall. She was also wearing white tights that I also bought in Sears. The veil she wore was free given by one of the grandma that went to the church as well. May God bless her heart for her generosity. She sew the veil by herself.

Almost ready to wear her First Communion outfit.

Almost ready to wear her First Communion outfit.

I was very emotional when I took a picture of my Summer Babe especially before she wore her first communion outfit. I am not looking forward for her wedding someday. My Summer Babe grow up like a weed.

White sequins dress for my little girl

Today my husband and I went to the mall. It is a 45 minutes drive from our house. We went shopping separately when we get inside the mall. He went to Macy’s for Men to shop for his outfit. I went to Sear’s to shop for a dress for my little girl.

I am looking for a dress that is white that she can wear for her brother’s first communion this Sunday. I saw this dress hanging near the wall. The moment I see it, I said to myself that is the perfect dress for her and the occasion. I am so happy that it is a size six which is the size that she is currently wearing. The dress is white with bold pretty flowers and sequins all around the dress. The only thing is? It is sleeveless.

The dress is $54. I thought this dress is very expensive. There is no way that I will buy that dress for that prize. It is way too expensive. I am glad that is 50% off which goes down to $27. I also bought a black peacock coat that will go with her dress this Sunday. This Sunday is very chilly too. The temperature is only in the 40’s.

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