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My Summer Babe’s first pair of Converse Shoes

I have an old orange Converse shoes that is way too tight on me. I guess I bought just like that. I could not wear it anymore. She loves my old Converse shoes. She is wearing a size five now. She has to wait when her feet is shoe size seven before she can wear it. By then am not sure if she still wants to wear my old Converse shoes.

My Summer Babe's first pair of Converse shoes

My Summer Babe’s first pair of Converse shoes

Anyway we went to Shoe store and found this pink high cut Converse shoes that is on clearance. I know that she loves pink. I am so glad that there is a size five. The Converse shoes cost almost $20 which I can afford. I am so glad that it is on clearance.

This girl is so happy. She has now her first pair of Converse shoes. She wears it when she goes to school. She always match it with a pink outfit.

My second Converse shoes

My very first Converse shoes is orange. It is too tight on me. It hurts my feet when I wear them. I guess I bought it too small at first.

 photo my second converse shoes_zpsqluywxgr.jpg

I got my pay check few days ago. I treat myself a new Converse. I also bought new Reebok socks that does not show with it. It gets really warm while working if I wear crew socks. The no-show socks really cool off my feet a bit.

This time I bought a gray color Converse. It is also a size eight which perfectly fit and so comfortable to wear on my feet. For some odd reason, my shoe size is bigger than my feet. My feet are size 7 and size 71/2 is a little tight. The size eight is perfect and has room for my feet to breath. It is also in clearance for $20. I cannot wait to wear this Converse in the summer time with short and tank tops.

How about you? When was the last time you treat yourself with something that you want or need?

It has been awhile I wear my converse shoes

It was sometime this week when I decided to wear my orange Converse shoes. It has been awhile since the last time I wore this shoes. I wear an orange shirt which I pair with this shoes. It is a bit tight on my feel. I wear a size 7. I should bought a size 71/2. I really LOVED this shoes. Good thing is still looks nice. I remember I bought this with one of my blogging income. it feels great to pamper yourself once in a while.

 photo converse_zpssj8jbbwz.jpg

How about you? What is the latest thing you buy for yourself?