Playing with my Victoria’s Secret scarf

I have these two scarves that I ordered at Victoria’s Secret last year. I got the scarves for free when I bought sweaters. The scarves come as free when you buy a sweater and enter the code WRAPUP in the check out. I think they are having the promo in their Website now. Why not check it out.

playing with my Victoria's Secret scarf

My little girl likes to play with my scarves. She was pretending she has a sprain or cast in her arms. I know my little girl is nuts and with crazy imagination at seven years old. She told me that she is cold. She needs to wear a scarf. She is my little fashionista which is different from her Mommy. This is her while playing with my scarves. She even asks me to take a picture of her. Is she adorable?

Definitely we will need to wear scarves as the days are getting colder everyday. She has her own scarves but for now she is playing with mine which I do not mind.

Black blazer for the little girl’s red dress

Do you remember the red dress here that my little girl plans to wear for Christmas? She needs something to go with her red dress. It will keep her warm. I am sure that it is very cold to wear a sleeveless dress in the winter, right? I am glad that I found this black blazer for her red dress. I bought it in Wal-Mart. There are many colors to choose from. I think the black will suit on her red dress.

black blazer for the little girl

I let her try the black blazer yesterday. It fits on her perfectly. I cannot wait for her to wear the red dress with her black blazer. I am sure that my little girl will look adorable. I just need to find a red dress for myself. My son has an outfit to wear as well. My kids are ready for Christmas party except me. I could not find a red dress yesterday in Wal-Mart. I still have a month to look for a red Christmas dress. I hope I could buy red dress before the Christmas party.

How about you? Do you have plan to attend a Christmas party? Do you a dress to wear already?

Rocking my Mom’s red shoes

I bought these red shoes yesterday at Wal-Mart to go with my Halloween costume that you can read here . My little girl loves to wear shoes. She prefers high heel shoes. She is definitely different from her Mommy.

wearing my Mommies red shoes
My little girl is a typical girl just like other little girl who loves to wear their Moms shoes. She asks me if she can try to wear my shoes. I said yes and please be careful. This is her striking a pose with my shoes. She even asks me how old is she when she starts to wear high heel shoes. I told her that Mommy wear high heel shoes when I went to college. I was 17 years old that time. I guess this little girl of mine is way different and advance from her Mommy.

How about you? Does your little girl try to wear your shoes too?