Bought the little girl a Christmas dress and shoes

My kids and I were invited for a Christmas party. The Christmas party is on the 21st day of December. My kids and I are coming to the party. I hope that it is not snowing by that time. I never had been in the said location before. I hope that my GPS will guide me as I drive by myself. My husband is working.

 photo reddress.jpg
 photo blackboots.jpg

I drove to Kohl’s yesterday to look for a Christmas outfit for my little girl. I found this red sleeveless dress. I think it looks beautiful. It is expensive even it is 30% off. It cost $28 for this red dress. I also bought a black boots that will go with her red dress. I am having second thought of the shoes. I found a dress shoes and has heels on it. I return it instead because I know it is winter and I bet the high heel black shoes will not match the snow. The boots cost more than the dress.

 photo tryingherChristmasdressandshoes.jpg

I used my Kohl’s card. I also have a 20% off coupon with me. Kohl’s is having a promo this week in their store. You will get a $10 to every $50 you spent. I received two (2) $10 and I can use next week or so. I let the little girl try her new dress and shoes when she got home from school. What do you think? Does she look beautiful?

7 thoughts on “Bought the little girl a Christmas dress and shoes

  1. rh0ze

    wow the dress is so cute and it’s so cute on your baby i mean on your daughter. You have a nice taste on dress sweety.

    Goodluck to the christmas party of your daughter, hope you enjoy it.

  2. jheylo

    Love the dress and the boots for pretty K. She looks absolutely adorable in her outfit. I love shopping especially when I can save a lot of money. Coupons the best!


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