Colorful hair chalk pens

My husband’s grand-daughter received these hair chalk pens last Christmas Eve party at one of my in-law’s house. They flew back to Florida yesterday after their two weeks winter break vacation here in New York. I gave these hair chalk pens to her daughter before she left yesterday. She said that she wants to give it her little sister and she can play with them.

hair chalk pens

The little girl showed these hair chalk pens to me. She taught that her niece M left her chalk pens. I told her that her big sister gave it to her. She was very happy. She then asks me to use it in her hair. These hair chalk pens are safe and easy to use. All you do is make sure your hair is combed. You can apply the hair chalk pens on your hair. They are washable. There are pink, purple, blue, green and orange. The little girl hair has a dark hair. She used the purple on her hair.

hair chalk pens

What do you think of her new hair? This little girl of mine likes anything new. I let her play with hair chalk pens because she is having fun.

Thank you Mom and Dad for the beautiful birthday card and Victoria’s Secret gift card

I received the Victoria’s Secret gift card from my Mom and Dad on Christmas Eve dinner at my sister-in-law’s house. It is worth $50.

Thank you Mom and Dad for the Victoria's Secret birthday gift card

Thank you so very much Mom and Dad for the birthday gift. My mother-in-law knows that I love to shop at Victoria’s Secret, who does not, right? Is she not sweet?

Thank you Mom and Dad for this beautiful birthday card
I also received a birthday card on the 24th day of December. It comes a day early as Christmas is the holiday. The post office is close because it is holiday obviously. It is a pink card with flowers on the front and it has words like TO A SPECIAL DAUGHTER-IN LAW. Inside the car has another flower on the left and heart on the right and words

XXXX (which means love) 0000(which means kisses)

I am lucky that my in-laws are very sweet and loved me as their own daughter.

Thank you Mom and Dad for the birthday card and gift card
I want to say thank you Mom and Dad for these beautiful birthday card and gift card. I do appreciate them a lot.

Micro touch switch blade the best gift for your man

Christmas is only 16 days away. Are you all set with buying Christmas gifts especially for your man? Are you looking for that special and perfect product that your man can appreciate? Why not buy him this micro touch switch blade?

micro touch switch blade the best gift for your man

The micro touch switch to blade is what your man need. It is the best groomer product for him. It is all in one head to groomers. This product is what your man needs. He can trim hair from his nose, eye brows, side burns, ears and even the most intimate parts of him. My husband always complains about his eye brows and the hair in his nose. This product is his best solution. I always tell him that when he used the product, he has to tell me so I know that it is working. Unfortunately, he is done trimming and look handsome before telling me. I just use it with my son instead. My son needs a hair cut very badly. The side burns are really growing and he has also like a little tail on the back his head. I tried the product on him. It works pretty well.

micro touch switch blade the best gift for your man

The micro touch switch blade is very easy to use. It needs two AAA batteries. It is very easy to use as well. You can also use combs (small and large) that come with it for a hair cut. It is very easy to use. All you do is turn it on. You can slide the blades that come with it. The micro trimmer head also comes with a protective cap. The full size trimmer head is in the side which you can use with to shave your man’s chest.

micro touch switch blade the best gift for your man

I love my husband especially when his face is very clean and smooth. He looks much younger. This should be his Christmas gift but I gave it to him earlier.

it even work on my son's hair

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I received the micro touch switch blade products for free. I am not compensated. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine. It might be different from others.