October is Breast Cancer month and what can you do to prevent this deadly disease

I cannot believe that it is almost October already. Five days from today is the fist day of October. It is a very important month October is. Why? It is because October is a breast cancer month awareness.

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Breast cancer is a very deadly disease. Until now they doctors are still fighting to cute this deadly disease. There are many survivors and lucky for them to survive. Some are unfortunate and lost their battle. How sad is that loosing someone we dearly loved because of this deadly disease.

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Breast cancer is not old to my family. My Mom’s younger sister died with breast cancer. Now my eldest sister is a survivor but her cancer went back after five years. She is under go the treatment. I heard that she is planning in removing her breast. I think it is a good idea. She is married and has the daughter and two grand kids.

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How do we prevent a breast cancer? One is going to our health care and do the mammogram. I know I need to schedule mine very soon. Breast cancer if you have any in your family, you will start a mammogram early at age 35. I had my first mammogram when I was 40 years old. I will do mine before I will turn 42 in two months.

Do you know you can also help a cure for breast cancer? By showing your support to any breast cancer programs like Glamulet? What is Glamulet? It is a wonderful website that sells jewelry. I know most women love jewelry right? When you purchased a charm from this amazing website, they are donating 50% of the sales to a charity fund for breast cancer. How beautiful that is? I know I love to wear bracelet and especially charms that inspire my life. October month is Pink October, let’s support this Website and make a big difference. You can check Glamulet’s Breast Cancer campaign here.

You can learn Glamulet from their Facebook , Twitter, Google Plus , Instagram , Pinterest , You Tube, Tumbler and Linked for more details and how to support Pink October for Breast Cancer awareness.


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How to look your nails beautiful with Impress Manicure

I have skinny and long hands. It does look pretty if only there is no wrinkles all over. Growing up poor, you do it everything with your hands. I do not have regrets though.

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I like my nails short. It feels weird when it starts to grow. I like to put nail polish on them but it will not last long as I always wash many times a day. I just waste the nail polish. I just keep it short and natural.

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How about you? Do you like use nail polish? I know going to the saloon to do your nails is expensive. There is solution that is affordable. You can use Impress Manicure . It only cost $7.99 in your neighborhood Walgreens. I am privilege that I get the chance to try it on my nails. I LOVED it. My nails look so pretty.

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You have many designs and colors to choose from. It also comes with a pad to clean your nails before you apply. It is very easy to use. All you do is simply peel backing and press on. There is no drying time and no mess. It is very safe on natural nails It has mega gel shine to even looks it more beautiful.
It is even easy to peel if you do not want them anymore. They are also waterproof which is the best to keep your nails shine and lasting.

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I am sure that like me you will love this Impress Manicure. You can check out their Facebook page, follow them in Twitter , Instagram , Pinterest or check their videos in You Tube for more updates and exclusive products and promotions. I highly recommend Impress Manicure to everybody who like me likes to pamper their nails once in a while.


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