Victoria’s Secret white lingerie bag

I bought this lingerie bag from Victoria’s Secret when it was on sale. I use it when I do laundry. I wash my lingerie in the washing machine. I am afraid that the washer will ruin my lingerie. I browse the Website and found a solution to my problem. I feel happy that my lingerie is safe. Most of my lingerie is from Victoria’s Secret. I shop when I have a coupon with me to save some money. What about you? How do you wash your lingerie? Do you wash it by hands or in the washer? You should try the lingerie bag to protect your lingerie. I am joining this entry for Wednesday White. I cannot wait what whites are my friends for me.

My son got a new hair cut

He got his new hair cut lasts Saturday. It is about time to cut his hair. He has a very thick hair. I love it when he gets a new hair cut. He looks handsome. You can argue with me on that. It does not matter. I know that my husband does not like his hair. It looks well on the picture. When you look closer especially on the back, there are high spots so he will trim it by himself. He is wearing a brown sweater which is perfect for Thursday Brownies. I cannot wait what my online friends brown entries to check.

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan # 27 – FaceBook Likes

I am joining again this week for the weekend blog follower caravan. Thank you to the two generous sponsors Work at Home Wife and Mother and Stay at Home Wife and Mother. This week’s task is to like their Facebook page. Do not forget to like Mommy Ruby’s Facebook fan too. My Facebook fan page is on the right sidebar. Please let me know if you did by leaving your comments. Let the fun begins.