My latest Victoria’s Secret shopping

Photobucket I shop at Victoria’s Secret last week with my kids. It was not an easy shop. My son is getting tired after our last two stores shopping before this. He has no choice but has to come with his Mommy. I have to use my coupons as they are about to expire that day. I have a $10 off, a 10% off to any bra and a free back lace underwear. I bought this brown brassière and match it with the underwear. I also bought a new lipstick and eye shadows. I seldom wear cosmetics. I know I need this cosmetic. I also have another $10 off from taking a survey which will work if you buy a $50 worth of products. What about you? Do you like to shop at Victoria’s Secret? Do you use a coupon too? I am linking this entry to 366 Blog Photo Challenge .

Payment makes easier with the computer

Are you an online shopping businessperson? The ach payment will help your shopping online business makes receiving payment easier. I like to shop online. It makes me happy when I send payment through my computer. It saves me time than going to the store to pay for my shopping. Most of the customers pay after they shop online. Even my husband asks me to do when he shops or pay for our bills. Why not try it? They have programs where you can enroll for this service. It benefit’s the businessperson. It will help your business grows more and earn more. The customers will like to shop more through your online store. It gives them time to do anything after paying online than sending the payments which sometimes gets lost in the mail. Sometimes the payment is delayed and you get penalty payment for paying late. I highly recommend this service. I am sure that you should too, right?

Yellow sandals I bought at Kohl’s


My kids and I shop to Kohl’s after we went to church yesterday. We went back home as I forget to bring my Kohl’s card charge with me. I also have the 15% coupon with me to save money. We look for shoes for my kids for school. One shoe I bought is this yellow sandal. I found it on the clearance section of the girls section.


The original cost is $49.99 and I paid $9.99 and it saves me 80% of the original cost. I also bought another pair of sandal for my almost ten years old niece. My daughter and her cousin has the same yellow sandal.


I am glad that my little girl loves to wear sandal. This is perfect for her church dress. What do you think of my deals? Did I find a good deal? I am linking this entry to great finds Sunday and Mellow Yellow Monday.