My Triple Barrel Waving iron review

I have long and straight hair. I love it that way. I know that my husband wants me to have a short hair. My hair grows faster that going to the saloon for a haircut cost money. I usually put it in a pony tail all the time. I do like to try my hair with different style. I used to have a perm hair but takes responsibility to keep up that hair style. Taking care of the family takes times and worst taking care of your hair.

 photo flatiron.jpg

I am very thankful that flat iron experts give me an opportunity to try this Isinis Triple Barrel Waving iron . They also sent me a sample of macadamia natural oil rejunivating shampoo which makes my hair shine. My hair really needed that kind of shampoo. They also sent me a thermal shine spray that helps my hair protected while using the flat iron.

 photo before-1.jpg

I love their products especially the barrel waving iron. It is very easy to use. You plug it to the wall. There is a turn on and off button to keep the flat iron hot. There is also a knob that you can control the heat of the barrel waving iron. It does not hurt your hair when you use it. The main thing is very safe to the scalp.

 photo after.jpg

 photo wavyhair2.jpg
Are you looking for flat iron? This Website offers beautiful products that will help you achieve different beautiful hair style at affordable prices. They ship your products fast too. You can find more information here.

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I received these beautiful products without compensation in exchange of my honest review. All my thoughts and opinions are honestly 100% mine and based on my experience.

13 thoughts on “My Triple Barrel Waving iron review

  1. jenn

    i have yet to try mine. 🙂 like you i have long and straight hair as well. i don’t know how the product would hold up to my straight hair but we’ll see. by the way, you look gorgeous sis. i love the pic. 🙂

  2. Chubskulit Rose

    You look awesome with wavy hair! Baliktad naman tayo sis, I want a short hair but hubby like it long lol. Your flat iron looks like my old flat iron..

  3. Rcel

    I haven’t heard of such product yet Momi Jess until now. Looks like a great prop for hair care! You do look lovely on your long hair! I usually let mine grow long coz I am more comfortable with it when its long as care is so convenient. However, when I go home to Philippines, I usually have it cut short because of the hot temperature there! 😀

  4. betchai

    what you said “your hubby wants your hair short but you want your hair long” made me laugh since i wonder why we both are surrounded by men who prefers short hair. my first experience was with my oldest brother, when i was in college, he worries so much i skimp on hair cut ( i wore my hair too long), he would give me money for hair cut, haha. etc etc

    you look good with that wavy hair, one of the reasons i love longer hair is i could style my hair however i like, and if i have no time, it is easier to tidy it by simply wearing pony tail

  5. Lainy

    You look very pretty, Mommy Jess! I’d love to have that waving iron too. I am not satisfied with my straight hair. I’ve always dreamt of having big curls. LOL!

  6. cheerful

    wow, mommy Jes, that’s really great to have…you can styled your hair now whichever you like. it is interesting product, will check it. 🙂 thanks for sharing.


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