I need a new hair blow dryer

I seldom blow my hair with the hair dryer. My little girl usually use it. I have to make sure that her hair is dry before going to school . I do not want her to get sick going outside with wet hair and with freezing cold temperature. The last time I use it, I know I heard a different noise from the hair dryer every time I turn it on.

 photo hairblowdryer.jpg
This morning after giving my daughter a shower and use the hair dryer on her. It made a noise again and blow a smoke. It stinks as well too. Now I cannot use the hair blower dryer for my little girl. I need to buy a new hair blow dryer for her. How about you? Do you use a hair blow dryer? What kind of you use?

This hair blow dryer is from my husband. Yes! even if he has little hair, he still use the hair blow dryer. He had this hair blow dryer for 20 years now. It is time to buy a new one.

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