My latest Victoria’s Secrets shopping deals

I need a red bra that goes with my Christmas red dress. I need a multi-way straps that will go with my dress. My dress has a one strap. I search at Victoria’s Secret and found this multi way bra that is perfect for my dress. I can wear it as one strap.

My latest Victoria's Secret shopping deals

I ordered it online. The bra cost $29.50. It has a promotion available that day. You can have a free hip hugger panty with a code to include when you order a bra. It also comes with free shipping. You also receive a secret card which guarantees a $10 inside.

I have a $10 gift card that I used with this bra purchase. I have to use my Angel card, the Victoria’s Secret name for the card for the $10 to work. I think I had a great deal. My bra came with a free hip hugger panty. I picked the black color as it is my favorite. I cannot wait to use my secret card. I hope to get more than $10 but if not, I am happy with a $10.

How about you? Do you like to shop at Victoria’s Secret? What is your latest shopping deal?

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