Meet Ellie my new work out best friend

No! I am not talking about a person. I am talking about Ellie my new work out outfit. She is my new best friend. Who will always be my side no matter what. Rain on shine will always be together.

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It was raining that day. Western New York always has the crazy weather. It does not matter what season it is. I wear the new work outfit that I got from the mail recently. I wear the WICKED ATTRACTION TANK AND TO DYE CAPRI that you can buy from here. I love both the tank and Capri. They are so soft and comfortable to wear. They are made with love in the USA which is the greatest thing. The tank has a built-in bra to keep your “twins” in place. You know what I mean, right? The tank of the back has a sexy design too. It makes you feel sexier as you work out. I love the Capri pants because of the dye design on the sides. I love that it makes your waist flat as well. The back is sexy as well.

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I now have the perfect outfit for work out. I insert my Disco Abs DVD tape in the player. Disco Abs and Ellie are the perfect combination to help me shred some pounds. My little girl sees me and she wants to join too. I love the Disco Abs because I can dance at the same time working out on my stomach. My stomach is my biggest challenge. I gained 40 pounds since I have been here in America. Can you imagine that? I only weighs 88 pounds when I first came in America. Now I weigh 128 pounds. It is very depressing to think about the weight I gained for the last 11 years since I have been here in America. I missed my old body. I know that it will not come back. My goal is to shred eight (8) pounds. I will turn 40 years this December. It is hard to lose weight as you grow older.

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It is my fault. I do not blame anyone else. Foods are very easy to buy here in America. I miss the fresh veggies and the fish that I can buy and just walk through the local market. I missed going to the beach. I missed walking so much back in my home town. I will not stop reaching my goal. I want to stay fit and healthy for myself and my family. How about you? Do you have goals in life? Do you have tips to share on how to stay fit and healthy?

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Ellie gives me the new motivation to keep up with my family. I want to say thank you so much Ellie for the inspiration. Working out is challenging and tiring but it was fun. Until we meet again Ellie.

By the way, you can check out Ellie in Facebook . You can follow her on Twitter and pin healthy tips and work out ideas in Pinterest as well. Do you love the outfit that I wear? You can buy it from here and save 20% on their beautiful outfits.

20 percent of Ellie

I received the products for free but did not any receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% mine and may different from other.


24 thoughts on “Meet Ellie my new work out best friend

  1. Rcel

    Isn’t Ellie an awesome partner?

    That sure is a perfect choice for you, Momi Jess! Hooray to these freebies and best of luck to our workout endeavor! More hardwork for our part and extra self-control when it comes to those yumminess and we will get there! You are lucky to have K joining you in all those workouts. My Triz here doesn’t join me, she’s coaching me! Lol. 🙂

  2. zoan

    Beautiful! I am glad that there are clothing lines who knows what they are doing! Exercise outfit should be comfy and trendy at the same time 🙂

  3. Chubskulit Rose

    I love the top MommyJes, super sleek and sexy ang design! They do have the most comfortable workout outfit there is.

  4. Kulasa

    looks sexy and comfortable indeed! I would love to have Ellie as my work out bestfriend too 🙂 gee I have to shed so many pounds too, I eat a lot sometimes, like there is no tomorrow and carbohydrates are too hard to resists for me…my goal is to gorgeously fit into a bikini by next summer on my side of the world hehehe, wish me luck…wishing you luck too 🙂 happy working out! kiss the little girl for me, mwah!

  5. jared's mum

    those are really cool workout outfits! i wish i had one, too! it will probably inspire to move about more + finally work on shedding these unwanted pounds and extra bulge in my tummy! 😀

    working out is a lot of fun if you have one of those cool outfits. now you’re making me envious! 🙂

  6. Bless

    Very nice workout clothing Mommy Jessica. I chose the same leggings and I am happy with it. It’s too light and very comfy to move around wearing it.


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