I am born naturally tan

It is not officially summer yet I am tan already. I am born naturally as I am Filipino. When days are warm, my family always stay outside hanging out by the pool or by the pond. This is where my family gets tan as well. One thing about being naturally tan, with few minutes staying outside and it is sunny, I get tan so easily. My skin is a bit lighter during the winter which I liked. I know the lightness of my skin will not stay long and being natural tan comes out.

Born naturally tan.

Born naturally tan.

I still apply the sun block lotion despite being tan. The sun rays hurt my skin too. I do apply moisturizer as well. Even at work, the women asks me why I am so tan already. Even one woman in the bank, asks me and my husband if we just came from vacation because we both look tan. I wish we were in vacation but just spend by the pool and enjoy the sun outside. Being naturally tan saves you money to go to a tanning salon.

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