3 Continuing Education Resources for Dentists

Thanks to factors like technology, many industries continually evolve. As a result, operations, techniques and processes are improved and the beneficiary is usually the end user as well as a company’s bottom line. The dental industry is no exception to this evolution. Tooth extractions are less painful, dental surgery is less stressful and teeth-straightening is less embarrassing due to the technical evolution of dental procedures. With the continual improvements, for the dental professional who wants to remain on the cutting edge, continuing education is a must.

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Here are three continuing education resources for dentists.


Professional journals, including dentistry journals, are made up of collections of articles written by professional members of a given industry that are based on research. Many times, articles are authored by more than one professional and often share information on important findings. These articles serve as a great continuing education resource especially when the article topic is in line with a feat you may be trying to accomplish, too. Articles found in these journals are also solid reference material that can be used in the future when a professional incurs a similar situation.


Traditionally, continuing education courses take place in a classroom over a period of time. In most cities, these courses can be taken at the local community college, but when time does not permit or when the desired course material isn’t being covered, online continuing education courses are now widely available. These online courses are offered by trusted professional associations and are accredited. They tend to cover the latest innovations and if you have any questions or concerns, they will be addressed. Online courses have built-in pluses like not having to travel to a campus and the ability to go over the material around your work schedule.

Annual Meetings and Conventions

Annual meetings and conventions held by an industry’s professional association(s) are great networking opportunities. They are also a great continuing education resource. During these events, on-site continuing education classes are usually offered on topics considered to be most important to attendees. Papers and research are presented while exhibitions are also held. Now, with social media, sharing the learned information has become another bonus that those who couldn’t attend appreciate.

Professionals who want to remain on the cutting edge of their industry’s latest trends can do so through continuing education with journals, courses and conventions.

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