Got a free Victoria’s Secret Flirt spray

This is one of the coupon that I redeemed last month. It is from Victoria’s Secret. You do not need to buy anything to get the free Victoria’s Secret flirt spray. I do not use it for myself because I am allergic to the smell. I will give this to my niece who loves anything of the Victoria’s Secret spray. I will bring it to me when I travel in the Philippines this summer.

 photo VSspray.jpg
I love to shop Victoria’s Secret products. I love that I get their free products either for free or by using coupon codes online. I use my debit card or sometimes my Victoria’s Secret credit card. I will share to you more the goodies that I buy from Victoria’s Secret in my next post or so. I am linking this entry to #124 of 365 blog photo challenge.

3 thoughts on “Got a free Victoria’s Secret Flirt spray

  1. emzkie

    wow so nice mommy jess! akoa pud allergic ko sa sweet scent, musakit ang akong ulo. pero naay body spray sa B&BW na dili magsakit ang akong ulo. mild kaau sya. murag nasa ocean ang scent. ganahan man gud ko anang musculine scent kanang gikan sa shower kay dili maka labad sa akong ulo. pero pag sweet gani.. aguy mag tulo tulo akong sip-on. hehe
    swerte kaau imong niece mommy jess

    thanks for joining BPC again!

  2. Mel Cole

    I remember buying VS stuff to pack before going to Philippines. I only bought the small ones so I can give many of it to my relatives. Lucky niece you have there. Balik diay ka Pinas karun Summer Mommy Jess? Yayay, happy trip nya puhon.

  3. Rcel

    I am only a fan of VZ panties and some lotion scents but not the sprays because they’re too strong for me. I prefer Bath and Body Works for sprays. I love buying VS products though when I can save on them because they’re great pasalubongs to pinas. 😀

    BPC late hopping here Momi Jess! Karon pa ko nagka-time. 🙂


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