Free Pure Seduction Mist and Bombshells in bloom perfume from Victoria’s Secret

I redeemed my Victoria’s Secret coupon during the last week or so. I redeemed the free Pure Seduction mist. It cost $14 but I get for free. How cool is that, right? I also received a free trial of Bombshells in Bloom perfume. I will give these fragrances to my niece who loves Victoria’s Secret products just like her Aunt.

Free Pure Seduction Mist from Victoria's Secret

I am allergic to perfume. I cannot spay this to my body. I will have a headache. Even my hubby gives me headache when he spray perfume on his body. I do not mind giving these fragrances to my niece instead. I have no use of any of them

Free trial of Bombshells in bloom perfume from Victoria's Secret

I cannot wait to receive my coupons for next month from Victoria’s Secret. I love their intimate products the most. Some women collect shoes, purses but I collect intimates and wear them.

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