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She loves to wear her Mommies sandal

This is my little girl who loves to wear my sandal. I guess she is in the stage where she wants to explore and curiosity strikes in her mind. I do not mind her wearing my sandal. I used to that with my Mama’s sandal too when I was a little girl. I think this is her favorite sandal to wear. I have few pairs but always this sandal is the one she is always wearing.

wearing her Mommies sandal

I think she likes the sound of the sandal when she wears it. I just have to remind her to be careful and not to run in the driveway. I do not want her to tip over and hurt herself while wearing my sandal. She has been so good usually. There is no accident so far which is a really good thing.

I just wish that we live in the Philippines. I am sure that her gay cousin will teach her how to pose and do the modeling. This little girl of mine is very shy. There is no way she can join the modeling but only destroying her Mommies sandal for now.

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Where to buy the cutest costume for your kids

I know that Halloween is very far yet. Summer just started three days ago. It is not too early to buy Halloween costumes for your kids. I do like to search online for my kids Halloween costume that they can wear during their school parade or when they go out trick or treating in the neighborhood.

 photo cinderellacostume.jpg
(photo not mine)

I have to buy two costumes each for my kids. I need to buy a boy and a girl Halloween costumes. My little girl wear the Cinderella like from this website couple years ago. She looks so adorable in her Cinderella costume. I do not think I will buy another Princess costume for her. She has a different taste and not into Princesses anymore. She likes a girl costume. I am sure that I could find the perfect girl costume for her. My son is different too. He still likes a race car costume. I am planning to buy him a different race car costume.

 photo ironmancostume.jpg
(photo not mine)

It has been awhile since the last I took my kids to watch a movie. I am not sure if the Iron Man is still showing in the movie theater. The realistic Iron Man costume with a boy is so cute. It is the cutest costume ever. Heroes are always a big hit for a boy costume. I remember my son one hero costume when he was little. I still have a picture of him in that costume.

Thank you Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara

I am privilege that I was given a chance to try the Rimmel London Lash Accelerator endless mascara in the mail.

 photo RimmerAcceleratorLashEndlessmascara.jpg
It also came with three $1 coupons to shared with my friends. I could use it any one Rimmel product with this coupon as well.

 photo RimmelLondonA.jpg

I was skeptical at first to try or no to try the Rimmel London Accelerator endless mascara. I am very sensitive. I am glad that my eyes did not get itchy when I applied it. I love it. It makes your eyelashes long and beautiful. I am not used to wear make-up or mascara. This mascara will give you endless mascara. I have pictures below to let you see how this Rimmel London looked on my eyelashes.

 photo RimmelB.jpg

I highly recommend this product to all the beauty and fashion divas. I will use it for now.

I received this product for free but am not compensated. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% mine and may different from others.