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Simply beautiful little girl of mine

This was yesterday at one of her friend’s from school’s birthday party that we attended. She was actually freezing her on the game called “Freeze Dance”. I am very far from her but manage to zoom my point and shoot Samsung camera. It was very warm that I put a pony tail on her hair. It makes her feel fresh a bit. I love the result of her picture her. She was not looking at her Mommy yet manage to give me a little smile.

simply beautiful little girl of mine
I cannot believe that my summer babe will turn seven (7) years old. She grows up too fast. I am still thankful to God that we enjoy every moment and milestones of her. She is a Daddy’s girl. My little working out partner who is always ready to cheer up her Mommy. She is also my partner in the kitchen. My little smarty pants and beautiful girl of mine. I wish her every happiness in the world. I love you my little K and hope that you grow up to be kind and loving. You will always be my summer babe. I hope that you stay beautiful and humble all the time.

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Where to buy fashionable designer eyeglasses at affordable prices

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I will turn 40 years old on December of this year. I noticed that my eyes start to bother me. I guess as you grow older your eyes sight are not as clear as when you are younger. Every time I go shopping at the mall, I always stop by at the eyeglasses section. I admire how beautiful the display of eyeglasses are
My eldest sister wear eyeglasses too. I do not know how old was she when she first wear an eyeglasses. She loves to wear Designer Eyeglasses . She looks good wearing it too. I wonder if she wears one of Derek Cardigan Eyeglasses . I really like this brand of eyeglasses. I thought that the eyeglasses are very expensive. Fortunately this eyeglass are affordable. I also love the styles especially the round ones. They are all beautiful eyeglasses. How I wish that I can buy the colors fuchsia, white, brown and black. I know the prices are affordable and that you want to buy them all.
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Join the sweepstakes and enjoy wearing Crocs #SplashofColor

This post brought to you by Crocs . All opinions are 100% mine.

It is very warm now in Western New York. According to our thermometer, the temperature is 90 degrees. It is not summer yet and we are experiencing the summer weather which is awesome. I am glad that I am wearing shorts, tanks and my flip-flops now. I am thankful that my husband vacuumed the pool before he goes to work. I cannot wait to jump in with my kids when they go arrive from school.

I have to make sure that I applied sun block lotion all over my body.
My skin is very tan. I have to protect it from the sun.
I also prepare my little girl’s sunglasses for her. I was in the pool awhile ago.
I submerged my feet in the water to cool off. It feels great. I have to enjoy my alone time with myself before my kids will arrive. It is loud and full of laughter when they swim in the pool.
I also love the peaceful time in the computer. I love to join any sweepstakes. One sweepstake I join is this
Crocs Instagram Sweepstakes . I do not have a pair of Crocs flip-flops yet. My little girl has a pair of Crocs and have to find so she can wear it. The concrete is very hot. It is not safety for her feet to walk barefoot. Why I want to win this sweepstake? It is because I love any Crocs footwear. I love the #splashofcolor they have in their footwear. I love that any footwear is very durable. I want t win a flip-flops and want it in red. It is my favorite color.
I won many sweepstakes before and would love to win this one. I am inviting all my readers to please join the sweepstakes. Please let me know why you want to win this sweepstake by living your comment below. I do appreciate it very much. I wish all my readers good luck.

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