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Wearing a white dress for the event

It was almost a month ago that I attended a greet and meet author event in our local restaurant. I was invited by a local author. I loved reading books and will not missed this event.

 photo white dress_zpsgp5jnxku.jpg

I went shopping to TJ Maxx with my daughter to look for a dress and shoes to wear in the said event. I am so dark that I want to look for a white dress. I found this white dress for $20. I also bought a sandal that goes with the dress. My daughter loves to wear that sandal.

I love wearing dress. This dress is simple and loved it. I can wear it to church with me.

How about you? Do you like to wear dress in an event?

Victoria’s Secret coupons to redeem

As you know Victoria’s Secret is one of my guilty pleasure. I could spend a fortune online or in the store. I am so glad that I received coupons in the mail. It helps me to save money and enjoy free items too.

 photo Victorias secret coupons_zpstvdblzhn.jpg

There are only two coupons left in the picture. I redeemed most of the coupons during last week when I shop online and in the store. There are also deals that you can use the coupons online. Some deals are also in the store which is not available online. I am still waiting for the items that I used the coupons to shop online. These are my birthday and Christmas gifts in advance.

I also have a credit card for Victoria’s Secret. I seldom use it. My husband pays the bill. He also likes the stuff that I bought in Victoria’s Secret.

My Victoria Secret Christmas ornament

I ordered this Victoria’s Secret mini dog Christmas ornament last month. I cannot wait to hang it on our Christmas tree soon I hope. I also redeemed a free underwear. It also come with a secret reward card which I redeemed from this month. It has $10 in the secret reward card.

 photo My Victoria Secret Christmas ornament_zpsdc8eyo2o.jpg

This is the smallest amount I purchased in the Victoria’s Secret website last month. I just want the Christmas ornament which cost $12. The Christmas ornament is also on sale that week. Overall I am happy with my little purchased.

How about you? Have you shop to Victoria’s Secret recently? Are you a fan of their merchandise?