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This garden tote bag is just too adorable

I went grocery shopping yesterday. I passed by the garden section of the store. I found this adorable garden tote bag.


They also have a back pack for sale. This garden tote bag caught my attention. There is no way it is use for gardening only.


I bought it without a doubt for my little girl. She could bring this on the beach, where she can put her swimsuit, sun block lotion and hair brush. The designs are just beautiful too. There are tulips all around the tote bag. She has now a tote bag where she can put her snacks while inside the airport or inside the airplane.

Romper is a perfect to wear outfit in the summer

It is getting warmer each day here in Western New York. It means summer is almost here. I am looking for outfit for my little girl for her to wear. I found this pink romper at Wal-Mart.


I will buy more colors for her. It looks comfortable to wear. I cannot wait to order them online for her. She really needs new outfit. She is growing up so fast. It is time to move in to a new size for her. She will six years old this summer. What about you? Where do you buy summer outfits for your kids?

Have you try the new Versace perfume yet?

Do you like to spray perfumes? Is Versace your favorite perfume brand?


Have you try the new Versace perfume yet? I received a free sample from yesterday’s mail. The new Versace perfume is Yellow Gold. I smell so great. I like perfume but I am very sensitive with the odor. It gives me headache that is why I do not spray perfume. I like the scents of yellow gold. It is not strong and smells so great. You should check it out at the store now before the stock is gone.


Thank you Versace for the sample perfume spray.