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Have you try the new Versace perfume yet?

Do you like to spray perfumes? Is Versace your favorite perfume brand?


Have you try the new Versace perfume yet? I received a free sample from yesterday’s mail. The new Versace perfume is Yellow Gold. I smell so great. I like perfume but I am very sensitive with the odor. It gives me headache that is why I do not spray perfume. I like the scents of yellow gold. It is not strong and smells so great. You should check it out at the store now before the stock is gone.


Thank you Versace for the sample perfume spray.

Cindy’s Crawford daughter follows her footstep

Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s daughter is now a model too. She is the latest endorser to Young Versace. I have no doubt that she will become a model. It runs in her blood. I watch Cindy Crawford’s movie back in high school. She is so beautiful even though she is 45 years old. Do you like her too? She has the now the two kids a boy and a little girl. I am sure that Cindy Crawford is so proud and happy of her little girl. I am sure that Versace fans will surely adore Kaia just like her famous Mom.