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K’s first hair cut

My son was exactly 12 months and four days old when he had his first hair cut here. This picture brings back memories. Why does he grow up so fast? He was born full of black hair. He stills has black hair. I guess he takes it from his Mommy. He was fussy here and even tries to give him yellow ducky toy for him to play. Do you remember your kids’ first hair cut? Where did you? Did you cut it by yourself? I am linking this entry to Me & My Passion 18th day of Blog Photo Challenge.

Ginger in her red coat

Nope! This is not our dog. This is my sister-in-law’s puppy named Ginger. She is so adorable. I have not seen her only in the pictures. This puppy is so cute yet you have to take care of her like a real baby. She has to go to pet saloon for a hair cut as her hair grows fast. I do not how my sister-in-law coped with us. Oh! The price of having a pet is no fun at all. She is a dog lover though. Do you have a pet? My little girl is allergic to pets and too bad that we cannot have a pet in the house. Well, I guess we just have to adore Ginger. I am linking this to Red Hot Thursdays .

My son got a new hair cut

He got his new hair cut lasts Saturday. It is about time to cut his hair. He has a very thick hair. I love it when he gets a new hair cut. He looks handsome. You can argue with me on that. It does not matter. I know that my husband does not like his hair. It looks well on the picture. When you look closer especially on the back, there are high spots so he will trim it by himself. He is wearing a brown sweater which is perfect for Thursday Brownies. I cannot wait what my online friends brown entries to check.