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Looking for allergy shirt sign


I am browsing in the internet for allergy shirt. I am looking for a shirt that says about peanut allergy for my little girl. I want her safety while we are visiting her Grandma soon. I know that despite telling her that she is allergic to peanut. She might eat accidentally and that is scary. I am sure that my family knows that she has a peanut allergy. Yet I am still paranoid. Safety is the most important for her. I know that I tell not to eat any food without letting me know but I still want her safety. She might play with her cousins and somebody will give her peanut.

Finally bought a sunglasses


My little girl broke my last sun glasses. She has her own but still she wants to use mine. I know, what a stinky girl, right? I bought this at Kohl’s last week. I really thought that it was on sale but when I check the receipt it was $30. You know me I am cheap but no regrets because that was not my money. It is from a gift card. I am so happy that finally it protects my eyes while driving. I know it is winter here in New York but there are days that you needed the sunglasses so badly. I am linking this entry to Thursday Brownies too.



How to keep our kids safety

We saw it on the news kids being abducted from their own home. Can you imagine how the parents’ feelings are? I will go crazy if that will happens to my own kids. We can stop that to happen by joining triangle direct . The donation you can help is priceless to save our kids from strangers. This is a great cause you can help. As a Mom, I will surely help this program. What about you? Are you willing to help too? Christmas is almost here. We have to protect our family most.