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Cheryl Burke Disco Abs

These DVD comes in three works out episodes. This is my favorite out of the three work outs. You can work out and at the same time dancing. I know I am not fat but just to focus on somebody parts of mine. I want to focus on my tummy and thighs. These work out really helps me out. How I wish that I have the courage to do it everyday. The last time I work out is last summer. I know it has been awhile already. Anybody wants to join me toning p their body? I need team mates too. I am linking this entry to Reel Weekends . Do you any favorite movie to share with us? You can join us too.

A great movie to watch with my girl friends

Last May of 2010, all my girl friends watched the movie “Sex and the city”. It was a funny movie. I laughed out loud while watching it in the movie theater. We all had the fun and it was a great movie. I am also thankful that one of my girl friends husband watched the kids while we are in the movie. I wish we could watch another movie again. I also bought a copy of the movie for myself. I always do that if I love the movie. I have to make sure I love to collect my favorite movies. I am sharing this to Reel Weekends.