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Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for the Timex watch

My son received a Timex watch from Grandma and Grandpa during his First Communion last month. This kid loves to ask what time it is. It seems like he is hurry or has a date to go. It sounds so funny. I am glad that Grandma and Grandpa gave him a Timex watch. Now, he knows what time is it and no need to ask Mommy or Daddy about the time.

I always like Timex watch. I think they have a beautiful and durable watch. I hope that my son’s Timex watch will last longer. He did wear it to school but take it away. He said that the little beep every hour bother his classmates in school. He wears his Timex watch instead at home or wherever we go except to school.

What about you? Are you planning of giving your kid a Christmas gift? What a bout a Timex watch? This is perfect so they know how to check the time. I am linking this entry to #366 of Blog Photo Challenge .

How to dress your boots with style

Boots are one footwear that woman love to wear. I am one of those women who love to wear boots. I have few boots that I own. This black boots are my favorite to wear. I just like to wear because it is comfortable. I can wear at church with my dress or with my jeans. I need boots as cold season is here. The fall is perfect weather to wear for a boots.


Do you know that you can dress up your boots with styles? I am privilege and would like to say thank you to BootDazzlesfor giving me a wonderful chance to try their product.

Photobucket I love how it adds style to my black boots.

Photobucket I even like to wear my boots more now. You can find beautiful designs from this Website.

Photobucket Please check it out how it will add styles to your boots. It is very easy to wear too. These are helpful tips that you can follow to ensure a snug fit. 1. Slide bead on cord toward tail feathers. 2. Step into the BootDazzles. 3. Place BootDazzles around the desired parts of the boots. Slide the bead up the cord until snug. For shorter boots, tie cords into a bow to prevent tail feather and tassels from touching the ground. If necessary, tie a knot or bow may be tied behind the sliding bead to prevent slippage.

You can also wear the BootDazzles as a headband, armbands, tied on your purse or backpacks, necklaces or as a band around your hat. The possibilities are endless. What are you waiting for? Please buy yourself a Boot Dazzles.

Bought some Khaki long pants from Kohl’s

I bought these pants at Kohl’s last month. These are long khaki pants. My son will need them during the cold season when we go to church. What I like about the pants is?

Photobucket It has adjustable waist. It will give my son a comfortable fit when he wears it. The original price for each pant is $30.00. I paid $3 as they are in clearance aisle. The pant on the left is size 12.

Photobucket The right pant is size ten(10) which will fit to my son. I know that size 12 is a bit big on him. I cannot pass that sizes for the pants. I am sure that my son can wear the other pants in a year. I like these khaki pants because my son will look likes a little man. Do you find lately? You should join in Great Finds Sunday and 366 Blog Photo Challenge .