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Thank you Matilda Jane clothing for this beautiful dress

My little K is very blessed to receive this beautiful dress. It is from Matilda Jane Clothing. I really love how they wrap the dress. I love the packaging. It looks so beautiful. The dress is short sleeve. It is from their new products. I will share my review in my other education journal.

Thank you Matilda Jane Clothing for this beautiful dress

My little girl already tried the dress. She looks beautiful in it. She said she cannot wait to wear it for school. She supposed to wear it to school today. I told her it is still cold to wear for a dress outside. I cannot wait to share my review to you.

I am glad that my little girl loves to wear a dress. She is so girly. She likes anything that a girl does. I am sure that she cannot wait to wear this dress. I think I will let her wear this dress for Easter party. I am not sure if her Aunt is inviting us for Easter dinner.

I want to say thank you again Matilda Jane clothing for this beautiful dress.

Why you want to buy fashion watches from Redstar

I love to wear watch. I only wear fashion watches. Why? It is because I am so clumsy and if I wear expensive watch, I will ruin it. My husband gave me a watch but indeed I lost it in Wal-Mart. I feel badly because it is a gift from my husband. Since then I told myself not to wear expensive watch.

 photo fashionwatchlogo_zpsa22b86a5.png

I was invited for a birthday party today. I need to wear a watch to get there in time. I could not find my GPS charger, not my fault though this time. I downloaded a map to help me drive safely. I am all set for the party.

 photo redstarwatchi_zps7fb958fd.jpg

I cannot wait to share this beautiful white fashion watch to my friends today at the party. I really love my new watch. I love the design. I have a tiny wrist. The straps are adjustable which is easy for me to fit in my tiny wrist. This beautiful watch is easy to adjust the time. You can do that by adjusting the knobs on the right side of the watch. I love the back as well, it has stainless steel and water-resistant.

 photo redstarwatchk_zps2db37425.jpg
 photo redstarwatchj_zpse2b8474b.jpg

How about you? Do you like to wear fashion watch? You can buy beautiful fashion watch here in Redstar . They also sell sunglasses branded or fashion for both men and women at affordable prices. Spring is here and soon summer comes next. You need sunglasses to protect your eyes from any activities like sports or just spend time outside. Make sure you wear a watch too.

Thank you Redstar for this beautiful fashion watch
Thank you Redstar for this beautiful fashion watch

Do you know that aside from their beautiful sunglasses and watches from Redstar, you can also avail the $500 gift card. You can redeem the gift card if you purchase from my link here or click the right side bar and enter code MTA14 I am sure you can purchase many items from that amount.

Beautiful dresses for any special occasions in your life

Valentines Day is three days away. Are you ready to celebrate the day of love? Do you have dress that you wear in that special day? What are your plans on Valentines Day?

I really love these three red dresses from JJs House . They are all beautiful. My favorite color is red. I do have the red dresses in my closet. How I wish I have any red dress from these collections. I might not have the same dress from the pictures but I still can surprise my man on the day of hearts.

 photo reddress.jpg

My favorite is the first picture. I can wear that on a lunch date with my husband. I just need to wear a long coat to keep me warm. I could pair it with red shoes. I missed having the lunch date with my husband. It has been awhile since the last time we had a date.

 photo reddressB.jpg

I also like the second red dress. I like that it has lace which adds the beauty of the dress. I like how it curves to our body. What a perfect dress for the evening. I also like the third dress. This dress is very sophisticated. It is a gorgeous dress. I like the color combination. The price is not expensive. It is affordable too.

 photo reddressA.jpg

By the way, when you order a dress during the weekday, you can save 55%. You can also save 70% for shipping. It is a great deal to think about it. You can find any dress that you like from this Website. Please do not forget to check the shoes and accessories to goes with your beautiful dress. I wish you and your sweetheart the best Valentines Day ever. You can also click their LIVE CHAT to talk to their customer representative. They are waiting for any queries you have in their beautiful dress or anything from this Website.