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White sequins dress for my little girl

Today my husband and I went to the mall. It is a 45 minutes drive from our house. We went shopping separately when we get inside the mall. He went to Macy’s for Men to shop for his outfit. I went to Sear’s to shop for a dress for my little girl.

I am looking for a dress that is white that she can wear for her brother’s first communion this Sunday. I saw this dress hanging near the wall. The moment I see it, I said to myself that is the perfect dress for her and the occasion. I am so happy that it is a size six which is the size that she is currently wearing. The dress is white with bold pretty flowers and sequins all around the dress. The only thing is? It is sleeveless.

The dress is $54. I thought this dress is very expensive. There is no way that I will buy that dress for that prize. It is way too expensive. I am glad that is 50% off which goes down to $27. I also bought a black peacock coat that will go with her dress this Sunday. This Sunday is very chilly too. The temperature is only in the 40’s.

Wednesday Whites

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She needs dress sandals

I know that my little girl has the sandals at home.

I am sure that her Daddy accidentally throws the sandals.
We were cleaning the closets and we put all the footwear in a black bag. Now she does not have the sandal that goes with her dress. I am looking to buy her sandals that go with her dress. These are some sandals that I like. She really needs sandals especially for our trip next week. I know that I still have a week to buy her sandals. What about you? Does your little girl likes to wear sandals? Where do you buy her sandals?

Ruby in pink gown



Does your kid likes to watch Max and Ruby on TV? Then you know what Ruby is I am talking about, right? My kids like to watch Max and Ruby on our kids in demand channel. It is part of Nick’s TV program. This is one of their favorite shows to watch together. Usually, it is the little girl who watches it. Yesterday, we watched Max and Ruby Live at the theater. Ruby is wearing this beautiful pink gown. She has many choices of colors of gown to pick from. I am thankful that she picked pink indeed. It is perfect for Pink Fridays; that is why I am linking it. I am also linking this to #76 of #366 Blog Photo Challenge.