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Poof Girl sleeveless dress for my summer babe

I was planning to buy my son a white shirt for his school field day. Unfortunately,I could not find any plain white shirt at TJ Maxx. I ended up buying this Poof Girl peach sleeveless dress for my summer babe.

sleeveless dress on sale at TJ Maxx

sleeveless dress on sale at TJ Maxx

It is on clearance. I could not resist by not buying it. The dress cost $7,50 which I think is very affordable.


trying her sleeveless dress on sale from TJ Maxx

trying her sleeveless dress on sale from TJ Maxx

I really like the dress. My summer babe can wear during her school awards. I hope she get an award. I let her try the dress when I get home. She loves to dress up. These are some of her shots that I took. I cannot wait for her to wear it in school. I just need to find an orange hair clip and sandal to match her dress.


trying her sleeveless dress on sale from TJ Maxx

trying her sleeveless dress on sale from TJ Maxx

How about you? Do you go to the clearance or sale section when you go shopping?

My summer babe’s reconciliation outfit for the church

We are all very excited for our summer babe’s reconciliation at the church in a couple of weeks. I attended the retreat with her as one of the church requirements. I cannot wait to see her doing her reconciliation with some of the kids from church.

 photo reconciliation outfit A_zps9hxgy84x.jpg

I bought her a white sleeveless dress. I also found a long sleeve top to cover. I think it is still chilly during March. I also bought her a headband and tights to cover her legs. I cannot wait to see her wear her reconciliation outfit. I am sure that she will look beautiful. I also bought a shoes that go with her outfit.

 photo reconciliation outfit_zpsxsgi8sct.jpg

My summer babe is growing up so fast. I am so glad that we get to see her on this very special day. I think church is different today. My son never experience having a reconciliation but he went to confession right away.

My beautiful summer babe wearing a turkey dress on Thanksgiving

This was the last day of the week before my summer babe has their Thanksgiving break from school.

 photo turkeydress_zps3f3233e9.jpg
I bought this dress last year on sale at Kohl’s after Thanksgiving Day.

 photo turkeydressA_zps52415694.jpg

It is a two piece sets. It has a white long sleeve shirt. It has the sleeve dress that has a turkey below. It is a beautiful set. I also let her wear tights and dress boots to keep her warm while going to school. She also wears a light jacket and a winter coat to keep her warm from the coldness outside. It is a perfect dress to wear during Thanksgiving. I think she looks beautiful in them, would you agree?