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My Summer Babe’s first Ivory Ella clothing

My Summer Babe is been bugging me to get a clothing from Ivory Ella. I wish that I can afford their clothing. The best part of this company when you purchased is, a portion will be donated to help elephants. It is a great cause for a beautiful and big animals.

 photo Ivory Ella B_zps5pn3wfmy.jpg
I told my Summer Babe that if she gets good grades and I might buy her one. She never stop to amazes me. She showed me her grades and they were high. I ordered her one clothing. I am so glad that they are having on sale. It is the only way that I can afford it.

My Summer Babe was so happy when the item came in the mail. She ordered a sweatshirt. The clothing feels so smooth. It is worth every penny and best of all she helped the elephants.

New Aeropostale outfits for myself

I went shopping by myself on my day off. It is nice to spend time alone without the kids bothering me. Both of them are still in school. The husband is sleeping as he worked at night.

 photo Aeropostale outfits_zpsiipmspq9.jpg

I needed a new pair of jeans. I found this jeans on clearance. I also found a top. I have to make sure that I tried them first make sure they fit on me. Off all the jeans and shirts.

 photo Aeropostale outfits A_zpsk8oovh1w.jpg

These two fits perfectly on me. I love the jeans the most. I could wear it on Friday but not the shirt. It is nice to pamper myself once in a while.

Jeans as one of her gifts she received on her birthday

My Summer Babe turned officially two digits few days ago. It also happens that school is almost here. I saw online that Children’s Place is having sale on their jeans for $7.99. I know that she does not like to wear jeans but leggings. I bought at least 8 pairs of jeans. It has different colors in one size. What I loved about the jeans? It has an adjustable waist that she can adjust if it is too tight on her waist. All she needs is the tops that goes with her jeans.

 photo jeans as one of her birthday gifts_zps0qa9o6uv.jpg

If you plan on buying jeans for your kids to wear for this school year, why not check out Children’s Place online. You can catch bargains.