My Summer Babe’s first Ivory Ella clothing

My Summer Babe is been bugging me to get a clothing from Ivory Ella. I wish that I can afford their clothing. The best part of this company when you purchased is, a portion will be donated to help elephants. It is a great cause for a beautiful and big animals.

 photo Ivory Ella B_zps5pn3wfmy.jpg
I told my Summer Babe that if she gets good grades and I might buy her one. She never stop to amazes me. She showed me her grades and they were high. I ordered her one clothing. I am so glad that they are having on sale. It is the only way that I can afford it.

My Summer Babe was so happy when the item came in the mail. She ordered a sweatshirt. The clothing feels so smooth. It is worth every penny and best of all she helped the elephants.

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